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Political Stripes with Bob Rae – Episode 6 – Why aren't Issues Breaking Through – Amanda Galbraith and Hugh Segal

In Episode 6, Bob talks to Amanda Galbraith and Hugh Segal about why issues don’t seem to be breaking through during this election cycle. This election cycle is beginning to be colloquially referred to as the “Seinfeld” election because it’s about nothing. Listen to the expert opinions on why this phenomenon is happening. 

Amanda Galbraith is a Principal at Navigator and brings over 15 years of communications experience working in federal and municipal government, private sector, and political campaigns.

Prior to joining Navigator, Amanda served as Director of Communications to the Mayor of Toronto. 

Hugh Segal is Head of Massey College, at the University of Toronto. Hugh is a former Chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and the Special Senate Committee on anti-terrorism. He also served as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney, Associate Cabinet Secretary for federal-provincial relations in Ontario under Premier William Davis, and as President of the Institue for Research on Public Policy in Montreal.



Political Stripes with Bob Rae – Episode 5 – Election Issues

In episode 5 Bob reflects on the three main issues that may be driving voters in this election cycle. Listen to Bob’s thoughts on Climate Change, Taxation, and Character. This is an insightful monologue that reflects Bob’s deep experience in politics and his knowledge of what drives voters.  

Political Stripes with Bob Rae – Episode 4 – Shachi Kurl and Frank Graves

This week on Political Stripes, Bob speaks to two well know Canadian pollsters, Shachi Kurl of Angus Reid and Frank Graves of EKOS Research. This conversation takes the listener to a deeper understanding of who polls are conducted, the historical significances, and who polls help shape campaigns.