This week on Political Strips Bob speaks with Jennie Byrne and Michele Cadario about their work promoting better representation for women on Boards of Directors with organizations.

They have both transitioned their life long work in politics to dedicating themselves to help balance the representation of women. 

Jenni Byrne is a political advisor for the Conservative Party of Canada and former advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She was once referred to as “the most powerful woman in Ottawa” and “the other woman” behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She also served as principal secretary to Doug Ford.

Michele Cadario was the first woman in Canada to run a national election as Campaign Director for the Liberal Party in 2004 following her success as National Director for Paul Martin’s leadership campaign. She served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Martin and was a key member of each of his transition teams. More recently she was a senior strategist in the 2013 & 2017 BC Libéral campaigns and Deputy Chief of Staff to Premier Christy Clark until 2017. 

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